Wide Angle Binoculars |Top Picks, Reviews, and Buying Guide

Bushnell Xtra-Wide 4x30 Binoculars

Wide Angle Binoculars - 2019's Top Picks, Reviews and Buying Guide

In these times that we live in, you can be guaranteed that there is a product for every imaginable need. For many binocular enthusiasts, wide angle binoculars fell into this category

Recently, these have been gaining in popularity under consumers as they work so well in certain scenarios.

What are wide angled binoculars used for?

Binoculars with wide angle views have become very popular with opera fanatics, sports fans and birdwatchers.

These work well in any scenario where you need to see a wide view of an event. The birdwatcher can spot that elusive bird, the opera-goer can take in all the magnificence of a performance, and a sports fan can see all the action play out.

Best Extra Wide

Bushnell Xtra-Wide 4x30 Binoculars

Field of View @ 1000yds

900 feet

Ideal for

Sports, Opera, Theatre


The widest angle binoculars for under $100

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