Who invented night vision goggles & binoculars?

Discover The Inventor Of Night Vision Googles

Night vision seems like it is a thing of modern times. However, what people need to realize is they are actually quite a bit earlier than what they think and did not originate in America, like so many people want to believe. In fact, the answer on who invented these may shock some people because the inventor did not even come from one of the powerhouse countries during World War II. Instead, the night vision google inventor came from the country of Hungary and was no more than a simple physicist.

Kalman Tihanyi - night vision goggle inventorThe physicist was named Kalman Tihanyi and he is the one who discovered that you can have lights that are infrared sensitive. The application that he put this in place for, was for military purposes and it was used on a larger scale of an electronic type of television that the British would have installed on their anti-aircraft batteries in 1929.

So it is easy to see that this is a long lasting solution that has been refined over the years and made into the application that is familiar the world over today.

As far as the night vision binoculars and googles go, they were brought into the modern look by the German army before the start of World War II. The company AEG would be the one that would start to development of the googles in 1935 and by 1939 they were refined enough that the German army was able to start to use them on their equipment.

The first pieces were the devices and telescopic rangefinders. These would be mounted on the Panther tanks, which gave the German army a distinct advantage at the onset of the war and made it possible for them to move and attack at night, when most of the other armies would not be able to counterattack very well.

Being able to explore the history of night vision googles is very interesting. In fact, sometimes it is going to make people think they are going to get the right information on the history of the pieces. By knowing about the inventor of the night vision googles and knowing just how old they are, it will be easy for people to see these are quite a bit older than what most people think. Also something that people may be pleasantly shocked about is the fact the inventor was not American and was actually Hungarian and used first by the German Army.

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