Some Interesting Facts about Kids Binoculars

Facts about kids binoculars

For most people, a set of kid’s binoculars is simply a set that is cheaper. It is not designed to last as long and is not as powerful as an adult set. In this post, we look at some interesting facts about your kid’s binoculars that will convince you to pay a little more attention when choosing them.


So, what is it about these kid’s toys that you need to know? Let’s have a look.

What you didn’t know about kid’s binoculars?

Multi-Coated Optics Provide Better Colors

The optics are the area where images are viewed. In a better set of kid’s glasses, these are multi-coated so that color integrity is maintained a high-quality image is produced.

Low Cost Does Not Mean Junk

Obviously, you do get what you pay for, but if you choose a reputable make, you can save money and also get a quality product. Will these glasses be a good substitute for your own? In a pinch, they'll work, although the fit won't be great.

They do provide a decent quality image, though. The cost-saving is as a result of having fewer features rather than using a low-quality product to start out with.

Factors you must watch out for?   

Lower Magnification

You do need to make sure that the magnification is set at no more than eight times. The better the lens, the weightier it is going to be. Also, the higher the magnification and the more components, the heavier the set will be.

This can be a problem, especially for smaller kids. This could result in too much shake for the kids to get a good view of the subject.

A set that has lower magnification allows in more light and so your child will have a better experience even when lighting conditions are less than ideal.

Interpupillary Distance

This is the measurement from the optics themselves to where the children put their eyes. When choosing a pair for your kids, look for models that allow this to be adjusted. That way, your child gets the perfect results for their eyes.

Wide Field of Vision

Kids are not as easily able to focus in on what they are looking for straight away. This could make things like bird-watching very frustrating for them if they do not have glasses with a high field of view.

A problem at higher magnifications is that the field of view is more limited in general. This means that kids might miss out on following items that are moving at higher speeds.

Conclusion - Facts about kids binoculars   

A set of children’s binoculars from a reputable make are designed to give your kid the best possible viewing experience, without weighing them down with features that they are never likely to use.

It is a good idea to look for a good set as this will last your child a long time. Features like toughened construction that is more resistant to bumps and falling are things that you need to consider.

All in all, though, you want a set that your kids will be proud of. Something that opens up a whole new hobby for them and that let’s them see the wonder of the world up close.

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