Redfield 115216 Revenge (4-12×42 mm) Riflescope

Redfield 115216 Revenge Rifle Scope with Accu-Ranger Hunter Reticle, 4-12x42-Millimeter, Matte Black Finish

Redfield 115216 Revenge Rifle Scope with Accu-Ranger Hunter Reticle, 4-12x42-Millimeter, Matte Black FinishOwned by the well-established Leupold, Redfield offers highly competitive scopes.  This 115216 scope from their Revenge line proves great performance can still be affordable. It’s no surprise this scope has become wildly popular with both hunters and target shooters!

Practical Size & Weight

Weighing in at 15.3 ounces, this scope adds only a pound of worthy weight to your firearm. At a length of 14.1’ it requires 5.5’ breathing space to ensure it clears the action. Eye relief is generous with 3.5’, adjustments for wind and elevation can still be easily tweaked on the fly.

Ideal For Hunting and Target Shooting

The scope’s magnification range is 3.8-11.7X. This is sure to keep both professional hunters and target shooters satisfied. The 115216 provides great flexibility without sacrificing accuracy. Quality reticle options include standard 4-plex, Accu-Range Hunter and Accu Range Varmint.

Ultra Clear Optics

Redfield have not forgotten the importance of crystal-clear optics. With full multi-coating the scope provides outstanding contrast and clarity. When using the 115216 Revenge with Accu-Ranger reticle, targeting becomes fast and effective. Your aim will feel enhanced as the ideal range is automatically selected. The scope even remains effective to ranges reaching 500 yards.

Effective in Low Light Conditions

Even when the sun starts to fall, you don’t have to go home early. The 115216 Revenge continues to shine in low light conditions. By efficiently gathering light the contrast remains strong and your vision stays clear.

Great Field of View

A narrow field of view can make targeting a pain. With the Revenge 115216 you will not have such issues. With magnification set at 4X, you are granted a 24.6” field of view at 100 yards. Once fully focused at 12X,the field of view is reduced to 7.9”. By starting at the lowest zoom and carefully zooming in you will find the field of view is more than enough.

Simple & Secure Mounting

When it comes to mounting, this scope uses a standard set of 1’ rings. Keeping in mind the required clearance, mounting is straightforward and pain-free. The scope will lock securely to your firearm and stays put.

Efficient Sighting-In

The 115216 scope is armed with 50-click MOA adjustment. Both coarse and fine adjustments are easy to operate. When it comes to delicate fine-tuning for zeroing in, you will find the controls easy to manage. The scope stays true through relentless recoils, even with a high caliber firearm.

Guaranteed for Life

Redfield Revenge scopes are manufactured to an excellent standard, the 115216 is no exception. Its super tough, machined from a single billet of aircraft grade aluminum. It holds its own against weather, water and fog. Redfield are so confident in their build they provide a lifetime warranty. This scope is a survivor, continuing to perform in the harshest conditions.

Unbeatable Quality For Price

The 115216 scope far exceeds price driven expectations. With a robust build, crisp operation and bright optics, it’s hard to beat at this price point. Redfield developed a fine scope that is user friendly and cost effective. A fantastic choice for budding hunters and target shooters alike!

Author: Owen Davids

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