Moultrie Trail Camera Review: M880 vs D555i

Moultrie D-555i Wide Angle Game Camera (2013 Model)

Moultrie is well-known for making quality products for hunters, including a solid range of game cameras. Moultrie feeders and cameras are used by many hunters across the globe, and has lead to many trophy animals.

In this post, I will be comparing the Moultrie M880 vs D555i. I also suggest you watch the very informative video at the end of this post.

The D555i has a very nice preview screen showing off its wide angle capabilities. Trust me, those wide angles can make the difference between spotting deer, and staring at endless empty pics. The camera also features camouflage design, although I prefer to look for natural cover when hanging my camera.

While the D555i has received some mixed reviews, the M880 on the other hand is favoured by many hunters. Offering good value for money, it takes some nice pictures and video.

With quick shutter speed, and a night time range of 100 feet, you will be hard pressed to find a better value for money trail camera.

When comparing the M880 and the D555i head to head, there can by only one winner in my mind. The M880 comes out on top in almost every category. The only thing about the D555i that I believe is superior, is the camouflage. And that might not be the case for the vegitation in your local hunting area.

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Author: Owen Davids

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