Vortex Viper HD 10×42 Review: Worth your money?

Vortex Optics Viper HD 10x42 Roof Prism BinocularToday I’m taking a closer look at the Vortex Viper HD 10×42 binoculars. Just how great are these optics? What’s included with them? And how do they stack up against the competition?

There are plenty of choices out there for quality binos, whether you’re into bird watching, wildlife viewing, hunting or even astronomy. Getting the results you’re after is all about selecting the right pair for your hobby.

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So in my Vortex Viper HD 10×42 review, I’ll also touch on what these binoculars are best for. That way, you’ll know if they’re a good fit for you.

What’s in the Box?

This is always an important question; besides the product itself, what do you get with the Viper 10×42 Viper HD binoculars?

Well, these binoculars come boxed with an all-important rain guard, tethered objective lens covers, a comfortable neck strap and a deluxe carrying case. Also included with the purchase is a VIP unconditional lifetime warranty, which Vortex tends to do an excellent job of standing behind.

If at any time something happens to your binoculars, they will be repaired or replaced by the company at no cost to the customer, with no questions asked.

Best Features: Outstanding Performance and Imagery

If you’re making the upgrade from a more budget-priced pair of optics to the Vortex Viper HD 10×42 binoculars, you’ll quickly notice the difference. Two of the features I most appreciated about the Vipers are how well they perform in a variety of adverse conditions and how crisp the view is through them.

vortex viper hd 10x42 specificationsThe XR lenses in these binoculars are fully multi-coated, and O-ring seals within prevent moisture, dust and debris from getting inside and ruining your view.

Whether you’re spending the day sitting in a chilly bird hide, perched in a tree in a spring shower or caught on a dusty adventure, nothing will penetrate these binos.

What’s more, argon gas purging within makes the Vipers fog proof and waterproof, so that sprinkle or rain or early morning fog won’t come between you and the focus of your attention.

Because there’s full XR multi-coating on all air-to-glass surfaces of the Vortex Viper HD Binoculars 10×42, they have increased light transmission over other models. Dielectric prisms help to provide clear, crisp and colour-accurate images. The HD extra-low dispersion glass also helps deliver amazing resolution and true to life colour quality .

It’s this clean view with accurate colour that I’ve appreciated in checking out Vortex Viper HD 10×42 for sale.

Vortex Viper HD: 10×42 or 10×50?

If you’ve been looking at both the 10×42 and the 10×50 models and debating what to pick, my comparison of both pairs might help you make your choice. For one, it’s worth noting that the 10x50s are in a slightly higher price range. On Amazon, they’ll cost you just over $600, whereas the 10×42 are usually just under $600.

If you’re concerned about size and portability, while one isn’t significantly larger than the other, the 10×42 model is slightly more compact and easy to bring during your travels.

On the other hand, the 10×50 binos offer a wider field of view and do a better job of gathering more light in low-light situations. For these reasons, they may be better suited to hunters, offering earlier opportunities to see targets.

Vortex Viper HD vs Nikon Monarch 7

In contrast with one of Nikon’s current offerings, you’ll likely find that the Vortex Vipers are slightly less expensive, especially if you’re purchasing online.

Other than that, many of the key features are similar. Both pairs use dielectric prism coating and extra-low dispersion glass, and both benefit from roof prisms. They’re also similarly protected against the elements, featuring O-rings to keep out dust and moisture. However, while the Vortex Vipers use argon gas purging to stay fog and waterproof, the Monarch 7s rely on nitrogen.

When it comes down to it, both are a fairly decent pair of binos, but it depends on what you want to use them for. While the 10×42 Vortex Vipers might be best for hunting, the 8×42 Monarch 7s are likely better suited to birdwatchers.

Vortex Viper HD vs Vortex Razor

Going back on-brand, I also took a look at these binos against the Vortex Razors to see what the difference is. I can tell you, one of the main differences you’ll notice immediately is the price.

While the Viper HD will likely run you just under $600, a pair of the Razor model will cost you more than 1000 dollars. So what do you get for the extra cost?

Both have the standard features that you’d expect from Vortex; the quality O-ring seals, roof prisms and quality lenses. The Razors, however, are built on a sturdy magnesium chassis that while exceptionally light and durable, is actually 0.2 ounces heavier than the Vipers. In the Razors you’ll enjoy a wider 6.9 field of view, while the Vipers are limited to 6.1. The Razor model also has a greater minimum focus distance and wider range of interpupillary adjustment, making them better suited to some users.

Choosing between these two models will likely come down to how much you want to spend. Both are excellent for hunters or anyone who prefers a wide field of view, and feature the same quality construction.

Where to buy at the best price?

vortex viper hd for sale best priceIf after reading this Vortex Viper HD binoculars review you’re thinking of investing in a pair, you’ll be able to find them quite easily. They’re widely sold in shops worldwide as well as online. One of the most reliable places to pick up a pair is Amazon. They usually have some of the most affordable pricing, shipping is often free and they have a good returns policy if for any reason you’re unhappy or change your mind.

It’s worth noting you can also shop for Vortex binoculars on Ebay, but I will say that I haven’t received original binoculars from any sellers as yet. Beware of imitations and knock-offs!

If you do choose Ebay, just make sure you read the fine print before you bid or buy. Ensure you’re getting the latest model that you’re expecting to, and find out whether what you’re buying is a factory refurbished or slightly damaged product. You should also check out the seller’s shipping options, with insurance, and their returns policy.

Downsides of the Vortex Viper HD 10×42

I haven’t heard many complaints about these binoculars. They’re widely praised for their quality and value for money. However, the eyecup cover can be hard to use initially, tight and sticky during moments when time is of the essence.

Users with glasses have expressed a desire for more eye relief. And few people have also remarked that these binos aren’t as light as they were expecting, with similarly priced pairs being easier to hold. Whether those pairs offer the same crisp imagery is another story.

Vortex Viper HD Product Videos

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The Final Verdict

Minor complaints aside, overall these optics are great quality. Hunters and wildlife viewers can take a step up from a budget model to something superior without having to spend thousands of dollars. It’s easy to appreciate the crisp vision you’ll have with these binos, including their natural colouring and light transmission.

Vortex’s excellent warranty and customer service are also great to keep in mind, as you know should something happen you won’t have any hassle.

When it comes down to it, the Vortex Viper HD 10×42 is a an exception pair of binoculars that offers great value for money.

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Nikon 7549 Monarch 7 10×42 Binoculars Review: As good as they say?

nikon 7549 monarch 7 10x42 for sale

Let’s take a closer look at the Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 binoculars. One of Nikon’s most popular optics, I wanted to investigate just what they’re best used for, where to get them and how they stack up against the competition.

In this Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 review, I looked at some of the best features of the optics. I also checked out how the binoculars compared to other popular models by the competition, as a less expensive Nikon model.

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I found that these binos have many great features, which make them a real contender in the market, though they don’t come cheap. Those who don’t mind sacrificing image sharpness and quality, and want to save a little money might opt for the Nikon Monarch 5 or even the Zeiss Terra.

Finally, I investigated the best places to buy if you’re shopping around online, with a few recommendations about what to watch for so you make a safe and informed purchase.


What stands out the most with the Nikon Monarch 7 10 x 42 is the image quality. Crisp and bright, with low chromatic aberration, they feature extra low dispersion glass for a natural image. Also, while they have the capability for large image magnification, they don’t give the impression of a narrow horizon.

Another great feature of this binos is their quality and durability. Solid and well built, they’re still light and easy to use. They’re even coated with non-slip rubber so you won’t lose your grip if you’re out in humid conditions. The lenses are scratch and water resistant, with tight O-ring seals and nitrogen gas to ensure no dust particles or moisture will seep in and spoil your view.

Finally, these optics are adaptable for different circumstances, as they can be fixed to a tripod with an adaptor if you need your hands free.

Nikon Monarch 5 vs Nikon Monarch 7

When I compared the Monarch 5 to the 7, I noticed a few differences. Most of them are actually quite subtle. For example, there are slight changes to the overall construction and design. While the bodies are virtually identical, the angular field of view is displayed differently on the focus wheels, making for easier identification if the front view of the binos is obscured on the 7.

A more significant change in appearance is that the Monarch 5 model is slightly taller than the 7 and Iighs slightly more. For many people, these changes aren’t enough to be considered significant, but if you need to be quite particular about the size and Iight you may notice the difference.

In our Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 test I noticed that it has a wider angular field of view to the Monarch 5, at 8″ compared to 6.3″. Also, on the 5 model the field of view started to blur at 64% of the radius, while the 7 model didn’t experience the same issues until 71%.

Finally, the brightness and low light viewing is similar for both pairs are the same and the rain guard and lens covers are identical. When it comes down to it, the main difference betIen the two pairs is the price. The Monarch 5 is generally two-thirds the cost of the new 7 model, and the upgrades are not terribly significant.

Nikon Monarch 7 vs Vortex Viper HD

Next, I compared this bino to the Vortex Viper HD binoculars to see how they stacked up. The Vipers seem to catch the light a bit better; they also have more useable field of view, which is excellent for scanning the wider landscape for birds or other animals.

In contrast, the 7s have superb light contrast for their price point. Despite their having slightly less useable field of view, some users have stated they feel they’re better for hunting. Of course, the Monarch 7s also cost half as much.

Nikon Monarch 7 Binoculars vs Zeiss Conquest HD

Of course, no review of the Monarch 7 10×42 binoculars review would be complete without looking at their quality next to a Zeiss product. In fact, when I looked at the 7s I discovered that they may have a slightly wider field of review than the Zeiss Conquest. On the other hand, the minimum focus distance for the 7 is 8.2/250m while the Conquest HD is at 6.56/2m.

I also noticed that the 7s are lighter and easier to hold than the Zeiss Conquest, at 23.6oz compared to 26.4oz. If you’re a stickler for a lightweight bino then this might be a deciding factor for you.

Nikon Monarch 7 vs Zeiss Terra

In comparing these two models, it’s worth noting that Nikon used to have two classifications of binoculars. There Ire the regular line and the ATB line, or “all terrain binoculars.” They Ire far more rugged, dustproof, waterproof and fog proof for challenging conditions and inclement Iather.

These days, all the Monarch binoculars are ATB, so it’s not a distinct classification any longer. Instead, Nikon have rolled those great, rugged features into the product line as standard.

The Monarch 7 ATB binoculars and the Zeiss Terra are actually fairly similar in their fit, finish and how easy they are to use. Both provide a smooth and precise ability to focus.

However, the first noticeable difference is the colour aberration. With the 7 there is virtually nothing, just a little around the edges. The Zeiss Terra has slightly more aberration overall, especially when it comes to the edges of the image.

If you’re not put off by a little colour aberration then you’ll likely find the Zeiss Terra works just fine. They are certainly good value. However, if having a crisp and natural image is important to you and you can afford to spend more, the 7s are definitely worth the expense.

Nikon Monarch 7 vs Bushnell Legend Ultra

When looking at these two pairs of optics side by side, it’s worth noting that price is a considerable factor. The Legends are a decent pair of binoculars, but even Bushnell’s higher end Elite HD costs less than the Monarchs.

While these two pairs are very similar in Iight and size, the differences are centered on the quality of the image. The Monarch produces a clear, natural image with little distortion. They also have a better field of view than the Legend Ultra. Furthermore, the Monarch benefits from Nikon’s dialectic optics, while Bushnell uses their PC3 coating. The difference is noticeable if you’re used to quality binoculars.

Product Video

What’s not to Like

Overall, the Monarch 10×42 binoculars are great. They produce an excellent image and are of the high quality construction you’d expect from the brand.

The only case that I think could be made against them is in relation to price. There are other binoculars of almost the same quality, which are less expensive. However, many people are either committed Nikon fans or find the image quality and durability of these optics worth the investment.

Where to Buy at the Best Price

Looking for the Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 for sale? Amazon is often a good place to check. They typically offer the best prices and ship to many different countries including Canada, the USA, UK, Australia and South Africa.

What’s beneficial about Amazon, too, is that if you have any problems with your order or want to make a return they have good customer service and return policies. You know you’ll be safe making a big purchase through them.

Should I Buy Through eBay?

You may also be able to find the Monarch 7s on eBay, though there are a few important things to keep in mind if you go this route. Because it’s up to each individual seller, the quality of the packing materials might not be as great, meaning there is greater potential your order could arrive broken. You also might not have quite as easy a time making a return or tracking a late delivery.

Finally, the most important factor when purchasing through eBay is to ensure you’re actually getting what you’d paid for. Some sellers will use popular, similar words and phrases to attract buyers even if they don’t accurately represent the product.

In short, there is a small chance that you might not be getting the latest model of Monarch 7 you think you are. Amazon, however, will tell you if you’re looking at an older model and a neIr version is available.

As good as they say?

Nikon 7549 MONARCH 7 10x42 Binocular (Black)
List Price: $437.03
Price: $437.03
Price Disclaimer
Overall, this is an excellent set of binoculars. The low colour aberration and crisp imagery is excellent and worth paying for if you’re especially particular about the accuracy of colour.

The Monarch 7 works well for hunting excursions or bird watching trips and I have also used mine for gazing at the stars.

If you want to invest in a truly rugged, all terrain set of binoculars that will do the job for years to come, you won’t be sorry with the Monarch 7s. While they may cost a little more, there is much to enjoy about their design and the quality of view they provide.

Carson 3D ED Binocular Review: Worth your hard earned money?

Carson has been a well-known manufacturer of high end binoculars for a number of years now. They also make monoculars and microscopes, so these guys know their optics.

The Carson 3D Series High Definition Binoculars with ED glass has a big reputation to live up to.

Carson 3D Series High Definition Waterproof Binoculars with ED Glass

Let's find out if this binocular can live up to the Carson name.

I have had a number of readers ask if this is a night vision binoculars. It is not.

The 3D ED does perform well in low light conditions. I have used it when hunting and bird watching, and was impressed with the bright and sharp images at dusk and dawn.?

Magnification and Objective Size

The Carson 3D ED comes in a variety of different sizes, and in three colour options. The 10x42 is a popular choice, but Carson Optics also offers a 10x50mm, 8x32mm and 8x42mm option.

The three colour options are: black, grey and Mossy Oak camouflage.?

3d series different options and colours

The 3D series comes in Black, Mossy Oak Camouflage and Grey colour options

The only other binocular with ED glass that comes close to the Carson 3D, is the Bushnell Legend.


I believe that accessories are sometimes used to sweeten a deal when the actual product isn't quite up to scratch.

This is not the case with this binocular from Carson. We have already established that this is a really good product.

The accessories in?cluded consist of the following:

  • BinoArmor Deluxe Carry Case
  • Neck Strap
  • Shoulder Harness
  • Lens Cloth

These accessories were well thought out by Carson Optics, and definitely add value to this binocular. Buying these accessories separately could easily add up to $100.

The innovative BinoArmor case especially is a product good enough that Carson could sell it by itself. It is clear to see that alot of thought and attention to detail was put into the design of this case.

The neck strap is comfortable, and will save your neck.? And for those needing the extra comfort that these won't be dropped, the shoulder harness is a good option.

Easy on the eyes

The Carson 3D Series comes with extra long eye relief, meaning it works very well for those wearing glasses. The eye relief comes from the innovative Twist-Down eyecups, a very neat feature indeed.

This pair of binos sit really well in the hand, and they are very comfortable when in use. The images are high in contrast thanks to the ED glass. The clarity and depth perception makes the 3D series perfect for use while hunting, or when watching birds.

extra long eye relief with twist down cups

The rugged and shock proof design ensures you won't be too worried when dropping these. Take these with when camping or hiking. It can handle? the great outdoors!

Not only is this binocs easy on the eyes, they are comfortable in hand. Carson has taken great care to ensure the texturing is done just right. Something which other manufacturers get wrong more often than not.

The thumb grooves are just perfect for my average sized hands. I can see that someone with larger hands might find them in the wrong spot though. For a full size binocular, the 3D ED is surprisingly light in weight at 1.4lbs.

America's Best Binocular Warranty. Really?

Carson claims that they provide America's Best Binocular Warranty. Pretty big claim that, if you ask me.

Their No-Fault, No-Hassle warranty will replace or repair your binocs free of charge. Regardless of the cause of the damage.

Sounds good to me!

If you are on the fence about these binocs, this warranty is excellent. Many manufacturers (not only binocular manufacturers) will make you jump through hoops when returning damaged goods. Carson is a breath of fresh air with their unique approach.

Is it really America's Best Binocular Warranty?

It sure looks that way on paper. I haven't had to return a binocular to them just yet, so the verdict isn't in just yet.?

Anything not to like?

I can't help but feel that Carson missed a trick by not including Carson specific lens covers. They provide a good set of well made accessories with your purchase, and those lens covers would have rounded the package quite well.

While the eye cups provide excellent eye relief for those wearing glasses, incremental adjustments would have made it even better.

Worth your hard earned money?

The Carson 3D Series High Definition Binoculars with ED Glass comes in at a solid $410 recommended retail price. This is pretty standard pricing for a set of field glasses with this image quality. You can find it for cheaper on Amazon, which makes it a super deal.

While these are a solid buy at $400, it becomes a steal at anything below $300. You won't find binoculars with ED glass close to that price point, much less with similar high quality accessories.

Wide Angle Binoculars |Top Picks, Reviews, and Buying Guide

Wide Angle Binoculars - 2019's Top Picks, Reviews and Buying Guide

In these times that we live in, you can be guaranteed that there is a product for every imaginable need. For many binocular enthusiasts, wide angle binoculars fell into this category

Recently, these have been gaining in popularity under consumers as they work so well in certain scenarios.

What are wide angled binoculars used for?

Binoculars with wide angle views have become very popular with opera fanatics, sports fans and birdwatchers.

These work well in any scenario where you need to see a wide view of an event. The birdwatcher can spot that elusive bird, the opera-goer can take in all the magnificence of a performance, and a sports fan can see all the action play out.

Best Extra Wide

Bushnell Xtra-Wide 4x30 Binoculars

Field of View @ 1000yds

900 feet

Ideal for

Sports, Opera, Theatre


The widest angle binoculars for under $100

Scouting the Off-Season

b_grossman_trail_cameras4The hunting season is over and you are thinking of collecting back your trail cameras. Well, this is actually not your only option. You can choose to keep your camera up even during off-season.

When you continue to run your trail cameras all year round, you will be able to capture great photos of those animals who have survived the year. You can even set up some bait like a pile of corn to draw them near to film if that is legal in your area.

Another use of your camera during off-seasons is shed hunting. There is a possibility that a one-antlered buck has dropped his antler somewhere near your camera and it could possibly happen again.

However, there are some considerations to take when you opt to leave your camera running all throughout the year. First and foremost is the cold. If you live in an area where there is winter season, you have to use batteries that will be able to handle the cold.

Aside from this, you should also check out your camera and change the batteries before snow starts to fall. With this, you will not leave any tracks that will lead other people to it. This is especially if you hunt on a state land.

It is also important to note that camera thefts increase during off-season. It may be best to take extra precaution just to avoid you trail camera from being stolen.


Moultrie Game Spy D555i Review

moultrie game spy d555iThe Moultrie D555i edges out of its competition with its exciting features that will up the level of your next trail adventures. This wide angle game camera has features that are both functional and innovative. Most importantly, this comes at a reasonable price that will not put a hole in your wallet.

With an 8 MP camera resolution, this trail camera takes HD video footages as well as high resolution images. It also has a variety of programmable options that you choose, adding a whole new dimension to your scouting experience.

Unfortunately this game camera is no longer for sale
==>> Check out this great alternative I reviewed recently

The Moultrie D-555i has 90 degree wide angle view, motion freeze technology and 16:9 widescreen videos and images. For less than $120, this camera is a great companion for your hunting and scouting activities during the peak season. These will help you successfully monitor food plots and wildlife patterns.

Aside from the wide angle view, this camera also has a “fish-eye” field of view. This is a good option as it covers twice as much area in just a single camera. This is highly preferred by many hunters because of its coverage.

An excellent feature of this camera is the no glow infrared flash. This feature is really great as it prevents the camera from being noticed by burglars and trespassers as well as scaring away and disturbing the animals in the vicinity. Along with the Illumi-night sensors, the no glow infrared flash enables the camera to produce brighter and clearer night pictures.

What I really like about the D555i

  • Features Moultrie Camouflage
  • 2? built-in LCD screen
  • SD memory card slot
  • HD video with sound (720p)
  • 8.0 No glow infrared game camera
  • Motion freeze to reduce nighttime blur
  • Provides 90-degree wide field of view
  • Multi-shot (1-10 pics)
  • Barometric pressure, temperature, time, moon phase, date and camera ID stamp
  • Password protected
  • Provides 4 Operational modes- Time-lapse plot camera
  • HD video day and night
  • IR triggered game camera
  • Plot camera by day motion detect camera at night
  • 16:9 widescreen images and video
  • Illumi-night sensor for bright and clear nighttime images
  • 1-30 minutes picture delay
  • Integrated strap loop with Python cable compatibility. Note that the cable isn’t included
  • Owner’s manual

Some of the minor problems with the D555i

  • IR flash range is too short
  • 10-second recovery time
  • Memory card is not compatible with Mac
  • Motion sensor technology and audio recording features are oversensitive
  • Poor clarity

How is the battery life?

This low glo game camera takes 6 C batteries, but is still smaller than many of its competitors. My brother-in-law tested his D555i in his front yard. It was taking up to 3000 frames per week, and after two months, the battery was still showing more than 70%. That is impressive!

Do keep in mind that your battery life will largely depend on the number of pictures you take. One person might put his game camera up in a secluded spot where there is little to no movement, where another might put theirs up where there are leaves and branches constantly moving. It sounds obvious, but the more pictures your cam takes, the shorter your battery life will be.

TIP: Set the D555i to take 3 snaps instead of 10, saving you plenty of battery life.

Moultrie D555i Video

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’0′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’0′ hide_fullscreen=’1′ autoplay=’0′]https://youtu.be/q9WfgBzQeGo[/responsive_video]


Although there are minor setbacks of this camera, these are covered up by all the features that it offers. One really good thing about the Moultrie D-555i is that it is very lightweight and packable which makes it a lot easier to carry when you are backpacking or hiking. Plus, Moultrie is a brand known for its durability so you can expect this camera to last for years.

In conclusion, the Moultrie D-555i is a camera that you get more value than what you pay for. It is packed with functional features but is not expensive unlike many other cameras. This surely will not disappoint.

Unfortunately this game camera is no longer for sale
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Moultrie Trail Camera Review: M880 vs D555i

Moultrie is well-known for making quality products for hunters, including a solid range of game cameras. Moultrie feeders and cameras are used by many hunters across the globe, and has lead to many trophy animals.

In this post, I will be comparing the Moultrie M880 vs D555i. I also suggest you watch the very informative video at the end of this post.

The D555i has a very nice preview screen showing off its wide angle capabilities. Trust me, those wide angles can make the difference between spotting deer, and staring at endless empty pics. The camera also features camouflage design, although I prefer to look for natural cover when hanging my camera.

While the D555i has received some mixed reviews, the M880 on the other hand is favoured by many hunters. Offering good value for money, it takes some nice pictures and video.

With quick shutter speed, and a night time range of 100 feet, you will be hard pressed to find a better value for money trail camera.

When comparing the M880 and the D555i head to head, there can by only one winner in my mind. The M880 comes out on top in almost every category. The only thing about the D555i that I believe is superior, is the camouflage. And that might not be the case for the vegitation in your local hunting area.

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Review Of The Bushnell Falcon 7×35 Binoculars

In this article, I will be reviewing the Bushnell Falcon 7×35 Binoculars.  Bushnell is well-known for producing an entire line of high-performance binoculars.  They almost seem too inexpensive to hold up that reputation.

I was shocked to find a pair of porro prism binoculars that cost under $25. I wasn’t expecting them to perform very well in the field. How could they possibly compare to more expensive binoculars?  However, I discovered that these binoculars are a decent performer for beginners or kids just starting out. Keep reading to learn more.

What Comes In The Box?

You are probably wondering what is included in the box?  The Bushnell Falcon 7×35 Binoculars do not come with numerous enclosed items.  However, you do receive everything you really need.  The following items can be found in the box:

  • Bushnell Falcon 7×35 Binoculars
  • Neck strap
  • Storage case

It comes with a decent storage case, but it isn’t the best.  The case will last you for quite a while, however you might want one that has more room to hold other accessories such as lens covers and cleaning cloths.  On the other hand, the neck strap is quite comfortable and comes with the proper amount of padding that allows you to wear the binoculars all day around your neck without feeling chafed or strained.

How Much Magnification Comes With The Bushnell Falcon 7×35 Binoculars?

These binoculars provide 7X magnification and come with 35mm objective lenses.  The clarity and resolution cannot compete with binoculars costing 10 times as much, such as Vortex or Leupold, but they still are very good.  I did some bird-watching using these binoculars.  I was able to make out really minute details in hawks and cardinals from 100 yards out without straining my eyes.

What Kind Of Optics Do These Binoculars Come With?

A porro prism design with completely coated optics is featured on the Bushnell Falcon 7×35.  The prisms are made out of Bk-7 glass, which is less expensive than BaK-4.  However, they still are very good performers.  I really wish these binoculars came with fully multi-coated optics, however the single layer coating does offer light transmission that is adequate.

These binoculars aren’t very good for using early in the morning or at night, since they aren’t able to transmit enough light.  However, for daytime use they work very well.  I discovered that the light transmission, even in overcast conditions, was still sufficient enough to use these binoculars for scouting hunting sites or using them for bird-watching.

These are focus-free binoculars, which means you are able to get straight into the action.  In addition, the automatic focus works very well.  However, I did have to move the binoculars around at times in order to get them focused on precisely what I wanted to look at.  The focus can be fine-tuned using the InstaFocus lever, which does make it easier.

These binoculars comes with 12mm of eye relief, featuring fold-down eye cups that can be used without or with eyeglasses.  Objects can be focused on as close as 20 feet, which is great for getting closeup looks of birds without disturbing them while they are at your bird feeder.  These binoculars have a very wide field of view, at 1,000 yards it is 420 feet.

There is one major drawback that these binoculars have, and that is they aren’t nitrogen-filled, which means they fog up a lot during very humid or cold weather.

What About The Body Of These Binoculars?

The exterior chassis on these binoculars are coated with rubberized armor.  They are big binoculars, and too large to carry in your pocket.  However, they are a comfortable fit in your hands.  You are able to adjust the focus quickly by using the InstaFocus lever, which moves very fast and smoothly.  This comes in very handy when you are panning across a landscape or viewing fast-moving objects.

The binoculars feature a closed-bridge design, which can make it difficult to hold these binoculars with only one hand, especially if your hands are large.  However, what I experienced was being able to grip one side of my binoculars very easily when I wanted to keep them from banging while they were around my neck.

As mentioned previously, the neck strap is comfortable to wear and well padded.  I have worn them at outdoor expeditions and all-day sporting events, and found they were nicely weighted and sized for using all day.  These binoculars only weigh 21 ounces, which isn’t too much to carry around with you.

Are These Binoculars Durable?

These binoculars are quite rugged, given the rubberized coating they come with.  I have dropped mine a few times, without the chassis getting damaged or the porro prisms getting out of alignment.  The main drawbacks that these binoculars have in terms of durability is that they aren’t fog-proof or waterproof.

Summary Of The Bushnell Falcon 7×35 Binoculars Review

Although these binocular are not professional-grade binoculars, they are a lot better than a majority of the competition that is comparably priced.  I would even say that the Bushnell Falcon 7×35 are better than many of the competing binoculars that cost twice as much.

You need to look elsewhere if you are a professional sight-seer wanting to have top-of-the-line features.  However, they are a great starter pair of binoculars at a very affordable price.

Browning BTC 2 Trail Force Recon Review

The Browning BTC 2 is another offering from the trusted Browning brand. This camera is very user-friendly and boasts of functional features to make sure that you have a successful scouting experience.

Here are some specifications of the camera:browning-btc-LARGE

  • 8 mp
  • HD videos with sound (5 sec.- 2 min. length)
  • Camo finish
  • Infrared LED illumination at night
  • 100+ foot flash range
  • Timelapse camera mode
  • Operates on 8 AA Alkaline batteries
  • Takes up to 10,000 pictures on 1 set of Alkaline batteries
  • Up to 8 multi Shot images, up to 6 Rapid Fire images
  • TV out and USB port
  • Picture info bar displays: time, date, temperature, moon phase, camera ID
  • Programmable picture delay (5 sec. – 60 min.)
  • Includes Browning Buck Watch Timelapse viewer software

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This trail camera is powered by eight AA batteries which allow you to take photos longer. You do not have to go your scouting area everyday just to change the batteries.

As mentioned, this camera is very easy to set up. If you have basic knowledge of electronic devices, then you can easily set up this camera without needing to keep on looking at the instruction manual.

The Browning BTC 2 boasts of a 65-foot flash range that takes photos of subjects, even those a little far away. It also has a multi-shot feature which captures four photos in two seconds.

browning-btc-sampleOne exciting feature of this camera is the Buck Watch Timelapse viewer which enables you to view timelapse images. It is a great option because you are able to view an entire day’s worth of video in just a few minutes. With this, you can quickly see the game activities in your area as well as establish and track wildlife patterns.

This camera also has an HD video with sound that produces exceptional quality and ultra-clear videos. Another feature is that this camera allows you to save and share single images or export video footages. The photos are also stamped with information like date, time, temperature and moon phase which helps you easily recall when the picture was taken and under what condition.

One of the biggest drawbacks with this device, is that the battery life is considerably shorther than in other models. If you are new to the world of trail cameras, I would suggest you look at the Moultrie 880 or 990, which have similar features to the BTC 2.

In conclusion, the Browning BTC 2 is an outstanding, versatile camera that will hold up even to the standards of those cameras that are more expensive. This trail camera will surely not give you any disappointment.

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Moultrie Panoramic 150 Review

Pan-150-BIGMoultrie has introduced yet another innovation in the world of trail cameras.  The Moultrie Panoramic 150 is the first trail camera with a panoramic photo feature. No other camera has offered this option yet. As a result, the term panoramic game camera was born and the reviews have been pouring in.

With this option, one camera can already do the job of three. There is no need for you to hang many other cameras around.

The panoramic feature of this camera has the ability to take three separate photos and combine them into one photo. With this, you can see the entire field in just a single photo. The great thing about this is that it swivels without any noise, preventing it from scaring away any wildlife thriving in the area.

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Considering that this is the first of its kind, this camera is not perfect yet. It still has some flaws like the overlapped appearance of the photos. It also has a 6-second recovery time, an estimate of 2 seconds per photo, which is pretty quick given that it is storing three photos. These, however, are just some minor setbacks of this trail camera.

Even though this camera boasts of its panoramic photo feature, you can still set it up for a single shot mode. The camera will just move to that sector where it detects the movement or the motion of an object.

Other features of this camera include a flash range of almost 70 feet. This is great help especially for night time photos as you will surely get clear ones. It also has an 8 MP photo resolution and HD video which is very functional in providing high-quality photos and videos.

I had high hopes for the Panoramic 150 to be a contender for best game camera under 150 dollars, but the technology isn’t quite perfect just yet. It is a very innovative product, but with innovation you sometimes lose that polished feel.

Product Details

  • 8 MP resolution
  • 3 separate motion sensors cover an unparalleled 150 degree detection area
  • Offers triple detection zone of standard game cam
  • Trigger speed is less than 1 second
  • Single shot mode is available
  • 9,000 pics on one set of batteries.  Note: Use of video will drastically reduce this
  • HD video option, with sound
  • Motion Freeze to help reduce nighttime blur
  • Camouflage strap loop with Python® compatibility (cable not included)

Moultrie Panoramic 150 vs 150i

The main difference when comparing Moultrie Panoramic 150 vs 150i is the quicker trigger speed in the newer model. The sliding mechanism has also been improved, and is now even quieter. Two other things to take note of, is the noticeably clearer night time pictures because of the Illumi-night sensor working with the Motion Freeze to reduce night time blur.

Any problems?

With the camera swivelling around to take the panoramic pictures, battery life is impacted quite severely. You can’t expect this camera to compare with normal game cameras that do not move. To me this isn’t really that big of a deal, because you end up with great pictures for the trade-off in battery life.

The final verdict

In conclusion, the Moultrie Panoramic 150 is simply a game-changer in the world of trail cameras. It has a great performance which shows little doubt that this is definitely the next big thing in the scouting arena. If you aren’t ready to be adventurous, check out a more traditional game camera.

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