Moultrie Game Spy D555i Review

moultrie game spy d555iThe Moultrie D555i edges out of its competition with its exciting features that will up the level of your next trail adventures. This wide angle game camera has features that are both functional and innovative. Most importantly, this comes at a reasonable price that will not put a hole in your wallet.

With an 8 MP camera resolution, this trail camera takes HD video footages as well as high resolution images. It also has a variety of programmable options that you choose, adding a whole new dimension to your scouting experience.

Unfortunately this game camera is no longer for sale
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The Moultrie D-555i has 90 degree wide angle view, motion freeze technology and 16:9 widescreen videos and images. For less than $120, this camera is a great companion for your hunting and scouting activities during the peak season. These will help you successfully monitor food plots and wildlife patterns.

Aside from the wide angle view, this camera also has a “fish-eye” field of view. This is a good option as it covers twice as much area in just a single camera. This is highly preferred by many hunters because of its coverage.

An excellent feature of this camera is the no glow infrared flash. This feature is really great as it prevents the camera from being noticed by burglars and trespassers as well as scaring away and disturbing the animals in the vicinity. Along with the Illumi-night sensors, the no glow infrared flash enables the camera to produce brighter and clearer night pictures.

What I really like about the D555i

  • Features Moultrie Camouflage
  • 2? built-in LCD screen
  • SD memory card slot
  • HD video with sound (720p)
  • 8.0 No glow infrared game camera
  • Motion freeze to reduce nighttime blur
  • Provides 90-degree wide field of view
  • Multi-shot (1-10 pics)
  • Barometric pressure, temperature, time, moon phase, date and camera ID stamp
  • Password protected
  • Provides 4 Operational modes- Time-lapse plot camera
  • HD video day and night
  • IR triggered game camera
  • Plot camera by day motion detect camera at night
  • 16:9 widescreen images and video
  • Illumi-night sensor for bright and clear nighttime images
  • 1-30 minutes picture delay
  • Integrated strap loop with Python cable compatibility. Note that the cable isn’t included
  • Owner’s manual

Some of the minor problems with the D555i

  • IR flash range is too short
  • 10-second recovery time
  • Memory card is not compatible with Mac
  • Motion sensor technology and audio recording features are oversensitive
  • Poor clarity

How is the battery life?

This low glo game camera takes 6 C batteries, but is still smaller than many of its competitors. My brother-in-law tested his D555i in his front yard. It was taking up to 3000 frames per week, and after two months, the battery was still showing more than 70%. That is impressive!

Do keep in mind that your battery life will largely depend on the number of pictures you take. One person might put his game camera up in a secluded spot where there is little to no movement, where another might put theirs up where there are leaves and branches constantly moving. It sounds obvious, but the more pictures your cam takes, the shorter your battery life will be.

TIP: Set the D555i to take 3 snaps instead of 10, saving you plenty of battery life.

Moultrie D555i Video

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Although there are minor setbacks of this camera, these are covered up by all the features that it offers. One really good thing about the Moultrie D-555i is that it is very lightweight and packable which makes it a lot easier to carry when you are backpacking or hiking. Plus, Moultrie is a brand known for its durability so you can expect this camera to last for years.

In conclusion, the Moultrie D-555i is a camera that you get more value than what you pay for. It is packed with functional features but is not expensive unlike many other cameras. This surely will not disappoint.

Unfortunately this game camera is no longer for sale
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Moultrie Trail Camera Review: M880 vs D555i

Moultrie is well-known for making quality products for hunters, including a solid range of game cameras. Moultrie feeders and cameras are used by many hunters across the globe, and has lead to many trophy animals.

In this post, I will be comparing the Moultrie M880 vs D555i. I also suggest you watch the very informative video at the end of this post.

The D555i has a very nice preview screen showing off its wide angle capabilities. Trust me, those wide angles can make the difference between spotting deer, and staring at endless empty pics. The camera also features camouflage design, although I prefer to look for natural cover when hanging my camera.

While the D555i has received some mixed reviews, the M880 on the other hand is favoured by many hunters. Offering good value for money, it takes some nice pictures and video.

With quick shutter speed, and a night time range of 100 feet, you will be hard pressed to find a better value for money trail camera.

When comparing the M880 and the D555i head to head, there can by only one winner in my mind. The M880 comes out on top in almost every category. The only thing about the D555i that I believe is superior, is the camouflage. And that might not be the case for the vegitation in your local hunting area.

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Moultrie Panoramic 150 Review

Pan-150-BIGMoultrie has introduced yet another innovation in the world of trail cameras.  The Moultrie Panoramic 150 is the first trail camera with a panoramic photo feature. No other camera has offered this option yet. As a result, the term panoramic game camera was born and the reviews have been pouring in.

With this option, one camera can already do the job of three. There is no need for you to hang many other cameras around.

The panoramic feature of this camera has the ability to take three separate photos and combine them into one photo. With this, you can see the entire field in just a single photo. The great thing about this is that it swivels without any noise, preventing it from scaring away any wildlife thriving in the area.

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Considering that this is the first of its kind, this camera is not perfect yet. It still has some flaws like the overlapped appearance of the photos. It also has a 6-second recovery time, an estimate of 2 seconds per photo, which is pretty quick given that it is storing three photos. These, however, are just some minor setbacks of this trail camera.

Even though this camera boasts of its panoramic photo feature, you can still set it up for a single shot mode. The camera will just move to that sector where it detects the movement or the motion of an object.

Other features of this camera include a flash range of almost 70 feet. This is great help especially for night time photos as you will surely get clear ones. It also has an 8 MP photo resolution and HD video which is very functional in providing high-quality photos and videos.

I had high hopes for the Panoramic 150 to be a contender for best game camera under 150 dollars, but the technology isn’t quite perfect just yet. It is a very innovative product, but with innovation you sometimes lose that polished feel.

Product Details

  • 8 MP resolution
  • 3 separate motion sensors cover an unparalleled 150 degree detection area
  • Offers triple detection zone of standard game cam
  • Trigger speed is less than 1 second
  • Single shot mode is available
  • 9,000 pics on one set of batteries.  Note: Use of video will drastically reduce this
  • HD video option, with sound
  • Motion Freeze to help reduce nighttime blur
  • Camouflage strap loop with Python® compatibility (cable not included)

Moultrie Panoramic 150 vs 150i

The main difference when comparing Moultrie Panoramic 150 vs 150i is the quicker trigger speed in the newer model. The sliding mechanism has also been improved, and is now even quieter. Two other things to take note of, is the noticeably clearer night time pictures because of the Illumi-night sensor working with the Motion Freeze to reduce night time blur.

Any problems?

With the camera swivelling around to take the panoramic pictures, battery life is impacted quite severely. You can’t expect this camera to compare with normal game cameras that do not move. To me this isn’t really that big of a deal, because you end up with great pictures for the trade-off in battery life.

The final verdict

In conclusion, the Moultrie Panoramic 150 is simply a game-changer in the world of trail cameras. It has a great performance which shows little doubt that this is definitely the next big thing in the scouting arena. If you aren’t ready to be adventurous, check out a more traditional game camera.

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Moultrie A5 Low Glow Game Camera Review: Best lo-glo option?

moultrie a5 game camera reviews & testThe Moultrie A5 is a new game camera available in the market today, popular for its relatively cheap price, perhaps even the cheapest one in its range. This new trail camera from Moultrie has some functional features that are well suited for the price it offers.

This camera has a 5MP photo resolution that makes for great scouting. This amount of resolution already gives you a clear enough picture. Aside from this, the trail camera has the ability to capture either day or night video.

One really good thing about this camera is that it is very straightforward which makes it a lot easier to setup. As a matter of fact, you might not even need to look at the manual when you set this camera up. Now, you can scout your entire property without complications.

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The A5 gen 2 has a nighttime range of 50 ft. It also has a low glow flash that prevents it from scaring away the wildlife hanging around the area. You will be able to see what animals frequent your place as well as their patterns without disturbing the game.

The downside of this camera is that the picture quality is not the best when compared to other devices. There were also some complaints that the camera could not capture smaller animals and they get a lot of whiteout photos. However, you have to remember that you are paying less for this camera. It is unfair that you compare the standards to those trail cameras that cost 5x more than this. When you put this device side by side with others in the sub $70 price range, it compares well.

If you are looking for a game camera that is the next step up, the Moultrie M-880 is a great option.

Product Details:

  • 5 MP resolution
  • Low-glow infrared flash with 50’ range
  • Beautiful color photos during the day, typical infrared night photos
  • Set up is a breeze
  • Takes 10 second clips of video @30 fps (Frames per second)
  • Stamped photos  (Moon phase, time, date and Camera ID)
  • Holds up to 32 GB SD card
  • Programmable trigger delay (1, 5, 10, 30 min.)
  • 8000 photos on each set of batteries.  Note: Use of video will drastically reduce the Moultrie A5 battery life.
  • Compatible with external power sources (not included)
  • Python® cable compatible (cable not included)

In conclusion, the Moultrie A5 gives the value of your money’s worth. It has no excellent features, but you can be sure to get what you pay for.

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2 Piece Moultrie Game Spy Review

2 Piece Moultrie Game SpyScouting is an exciting activity for many outdoor hunters and adventurers. For them, finding the right trail camera is as exciting as a child waiting to open her birthday gifts. With a trail camera, you are able to capture photos of different kinds of wildlife. You are also able to discover different behaviors and activities of animals that you do not normally see when there are people around.

Aside from observing the wildlife, a trail camera also lets you monitor your surroundings. You can see what animals thrive in your area and where they usually go. You will even be able to catch a trespasser with this.

The 2-piece Moultrie Game Spy camera is a perfect tool to aid to in your hunting activities. It has excellent features that are sure to help you have a successful scouting. Check them out below:

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10-Megapixel Mini Camera with No Glow Feature

The Game Spy has a 10 MP camera resolution that is sure to give high quality images. It also has a no glow feature that makes scouting a lot easier. With this technology along with a Mossy Oak Camouflage design, this camera is pretty much undetectable and will not scare away animals that are around the area. This will help you obtain accurate details without sacrificing the quality of the images. Plus, you can get this camera for an affordable price.

Motion Freeze Technology

This feature helps the camera take quality night time photos with less blur.  This camera also offers a 70-feet night range. With this, you can be sure not to miss any details at night.

In addition to these features, this camera has different modes that you can program. These are the time-lapse plot camera, an infrared-triggered plot game camera, day and night HD 720p video, and plot camera by day and motion detect at night.

2-inch LCD Screen Display

This camera has a built-in screen display that allows you to clearly see the photos and videos on-site. Pieces of information such as barometric pressure, temperature, moon phase, date, time, and camera ID stamp are also shown. You can also delete photos through the LCD screen.

If you want to get closer to a subject, you can make use of this camera’s 3x zoom function. You can also opt for the FastFire Continuous Shooting technology that will let the camera shoot up to four images per second. With this, you are sure that you will not miss any movement of a subject. It can accommodate up to 8 AA batteries and a 32 GB SD card.

Equipped with Sturdy Case and Password Protection

One unique feature of the Game Spy camera is its password protection. Now, you need not worry about your photos and videos being access by anyone else other than yourself.

This camera is efficiently wrapped in a sturdy case. This makes the camera extra durable which assures you that this will certainly last longer. The casing also keeps the camera safe from possible water damage, making it safe from any weather condition.

Outstanding Battery Life

This camera has a long battery life. Whether on standard or on a battery-saving mode, this camera still takes quality photos. It is also easy to change batteries and you can even choose to use rechargeable ones to save on expenses.

Trail cameras are useful tools to help you in your hunting activities. You no longer have to keep on waiting in the area to observe animal activity patterns and determine where the animals gather and when they are usually out. Now, you can just set up the camera in a suitable location and it will be the one to gather the necessary details for you. The 2-Piece Moultrie Game Spy camera is surely the perfect trail camera for your hunting and scouting adventures.

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Moultrie A8 Review

moultriea8review-largeMoultrie continues to bring in new innovation and features to the world of trail cameras. The well-known brand introduces the Moultrie A8, a new addition to their model cameras. It has lot of features that will surely set you up for a successful scouting.

The Moultrie A8 is like the big brother of the Moultrie A5. It has an 8 MP resolution that will give you high-quality photos.  It also has a mossy oaks bottomlands camouflage and a low glow infrared technology that will make it undetectable by anyone and anything around. Everything to make sure you find what you are looking for on those scouting expeditions.

One good thing of this camera is that it has really good features but it is not expensive unlike other trail cameras. If you have vast lands to manage, then buying a few more pieces of this will not cost you a lot compared to buying one piece that is more expensive like the Reconyx HC600. This camera will do an efficient job for a good price.

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The downside of this is that it has a slow recovery time. This may be an issue especially if you are scouting game involving speed and swift movements. This camera is more ideal if you are using it for monitoring lands and plots. The night photos are also not of good quality especially if the object is beyond 20 or 30 feet of range. It is something that could be expected, though, especially for the price range of this model.

Product Details

  • 8.0 MP
  • 640 x 480 video
  • Less than 1.5 seconds trigger speed
  • Detection Range: 40 feet
  • Flash Range: 50 feet
  • Battery life: 25,000 images
  • Flash Technology: Low-Glow Infrared
  • Camouflage Case: Mossy Oak Bottomland
  • 12V external power connection
  • adjustable mounting strap and Python® cable lock compatibility
  • supports SD memory card up to 32GB
  • ¼” -20 socket for tripods and tree mounts

All in all, the Moultrie A8 is a respectable camera. It is a good value for its money’s worth so you can be sure that you expenditure will not be put to waste. I just have to mention that if you feel like the A8 just doesn’t feel right, you have to check out my Moultrie 990i review.

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Moultrie M-880 Review

M880-BIGhe Moultrie M880 camera is a popular model in the world of trail cameras. This is mainly because of the fact that it has a lot to offer for an affordable price. It also comes in a compact size which makes it fairly easy to conceal.

This camera has HD video capabilities and an 8MP camera resolution. This makes photos and videos a lot clearer and with higher quality. It also has a longer night time range which enables it to capture more objects and wildlife.

The Moultrie M-880 trail camera also has an almost invisible low glow infrared flash. This is very useful as it will get you clear photos without scaring any wildlife that will be near the camera. Additional pieces of information are also stamp in the photo like the time, date, camera ID and moon phase.

>> Click here for tech specifications <<

A good feature of this camera is its quick trigger and recovery time. Because of this, you are able to catch up with the speedy movements of the wildlife hanging around the area. You are also ensured that the camera will not miss any important shots.

This camera will also allow you to set it to take multi-shots to capture the motion of the wildlife. It also has a “Motion Freeze” option that is very helpful at night to reduce the blur of the captured object. Using this with the bright LED’s, you will capture some nice night time game pictures.

This camera holds up to 8 AA batteries. With this many batteries, you can capture up to 9,500 photos. That is already a lot and you can already establish wildlife patterns with that many pictures.

Here are the specifications of this camera:

  • 8 MP resolution
  • Time-lapse mode for food plots
  • HD video, day and night, with sound
  • Motion Freeze reduces nighttime blur
  • Fast Fire continuous shooting (1 to 4 pics per second) and multi-shot (1 to 3 pics per second)
  • Trigger time is less than 1 second
  • Recovery Time is less than 3 seconds
  • Low glow infrared flash, up to 100 ft. range
  • Runs on 8 AA batteries
  • Take up 9,500 + images on one set of batteries Note: Use of video will drastically reduce this.
  • Compatible with external power sources (not included)
  • Python® cable compatible (cable not included)
  • Threaded inserts for game camera mounts
  • Wide detection zone

If you feel that this game camera doesn’t offer everything you need, I recommend you check out my nr 1 recommendation, the Moultrie-990i. If you feel like the M-880 won’t cover enough area, the Moultrie Panoramic 150 is a great alternative.

Overall, the Moultrie M-880 trail camera is surely a good value for your money. This small but durable package will certainly provide your needs for a successful scouting.

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Moultrie 990i Review

Moultri-990i-BIG1In the world of trail cameras, no glow flash is a popular feature, even becoming the new gold standard in game cameras. With this option, your camera is able to take photos without being noticed by anything or anyone around the area. This makes it a demand with manufacturers racing to produce the best quality at a reasonable price.

The Moultrie 990i is one of the trail cameras that offer the “No Glow” feature.  This camera is popular because it offers a lot of features at a respectable price. Although you pay more for this than some other models available in the market, you can be assured that you will get your money’s worth.

>> Click here for more technical specs <<

The “invisible” flash is a great feature because it does not scare away any wildlife hanging around the area. With this, you are able to capture any activity that is going on in the area. This feature also allows you to use it for security purposes because you are able to capture burglars, thieves and other bad elements without them noticing it.

This camera has a quick trigger and recovery time that enables you to see every movement and action happening in the area. You can be sure that you will not miss any opportunity. It also allows you to set it at a time-lapse mode which is great for monitoring food plots and fields.

Aside from the “No Glow” flash and quick trigger options, this camera also boasts of other top of the line features. It has a 2-inch color-viewing screen that you can zoom in up to a maximum of 3x. It also has an HD video with sound which is a great tool in identifying the animals in the area.

Product Details:

  • 10 MP resolution
  • Trigger speed is less than 1 second
  • Recovery time is 2/12 seconds. (That’s 24 pics a minute!)
  • HD video capability with sound
  • Detection range is 50 feet
  • No Glow Infrared has no visible flash, and a range of 70 ft.
  • Illumi-Night sensor works with flash to clarify night pictures
  • 2-inch color preview screen, simplifies aiming, checking pictures and programming.  Digital zoom function allows you to examine pics even further (up to 3x)
  • Camo casing
  • Password protected
  • Runs on 8 AA batteries
  • Up to 9,500 pics on one set of batteries. Note: Use of video will drastically reduce this
  • Compatible with external power sources (not included)
  • Python® cable compatible (cable not included)
  • Threaded inserts for game camera mounts

All in all, the Moultrie 990i is a solid product. It is even at par with those cameras that even costs twice as much.

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Moultrie M1100i Review

Moultrie’s flagship model, Moultrie 1100i, is the most advanced mini-camera in the market today. With its high camera resolution and HD video, this mini-camera is probably the best in Moultrie’s line. It has a lot to offer in a small package that will take your scouting to an all new level.

This device stands out when comparing game cameras offered at similar prices.

moultriem1100ireview-largeMoultrie 1100i has a 12 MP resolution and a full 1080p HD video. With these high-end features, you will be able take excellent quality and extremely clear photos and videos. You will surely be able to get on a new level of clarity in your scouting. It is also easy for you to set it up in place because of its great internal view screen.

This Moultrie camera may have a lot of features to offer, but it is user-friendly and uncomplicated to use. Of course, you need to consult and read the manual especially when you are just starting, but it surely will not take long for you to figure out how this camera works.

>> Click here for technical specs <<

Aside from all of these, the Moultrie 1100i is also very functional for security and stealth purposes. Because it has a real tree camouflage and no glow infrared flash, you will be able to take photos without scaring any wildlife away. It is also undetectable which makes it a good tool to secure your place. It also has a fast trigger speed, making you capture any movement in the trail.

Some night photos may be a bit darker, but this is pretty normal especially for no glow cameras. The photos are still clear enough for you to know the object captured.

Here are the specifications of the Moultrie 1100i:

  • 12 MP
  • Half second trigger speed
  • Detection range of 50 ft., with 80 ft. of no-glow flash range
  • Motion detect delay
  • Full HD (1080p) Video
  • Time Lapse Mode
  • 2 inch color LCD screen
  • Passive Infrared sensor is triggered by motion and heat
  • Requires 8 AA batteries
  • 12 volt external power compatible
  • AC power option
  • Wi-Fi memory card compatibility
  • Realtree Xtra Camouflage

Overall, this camera surely lives up to the title of being the most advanced mini-camera in the market. It has a lot of options and features, making it a solid camera to choose for your trail activities.

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