Carl Zeiss Conquest MC (3–9×40) Riflescope

Zeiss’s Conquest scopes withstand heavy recoil action, whilst performing in serve field conditions . The MC 3–9×40 has proved to be one of the most popular choices. Avid shooters claim the Conquest MC has outperformed riflescopes at double the cost.Carl Zeiss Conquest MC Riflescope (Z-Plex Reticle, 3-9X40)

Fantastic Form

The MC 3-9×40 measures 12.9’ in length and weighs 15.2 ounces. This offers workable dimensions for rifles and even other firearms. The objective lens is 40mm, allowing the scope body plenty of clearance from the rail and barrel. Eye relief is gracious at 4’, the scope is suited to a variety of different firearms.

Precise Zoom

With variable zoom ranging from 3-9X, shooters are sure to land precise shots on their target. The quality of the glass optics from Zeiss is outstanding. You will experience crystal clear vision across the entire magnification range.

Superior Optics

The Conquest MC uses quality German design and performance enhancing features. Multi-coating provides exceptional vision in all conditions. Reflection and glare will no longer interfere with your shots. The nitrogen filling prevents annoying fog build up.  Even in the wettest weather O-ring seals ensure waterproofing. To top it off, the optics allow for sighting of up to 1,000 yards, parallax free!

Relentless Light Capturing

The Conquest MC makes highly efficient use of the available light. Hunting at the break of morning and dawn will no longer feel like shots in the dark. The multi-coating captures the light well, allowing for full clarity in dimming conditions. 

Generous Field of View

At the lowest magnification of 3X, the scope provides an impressive 33.9 feet field of view at 100 yards. Sighting, targeting and zooming becomes a process. Once down to 9X magnification you still get 11 feet at 100 yards, ample room to sight your perfect shot.

Robust Mounting

The Conquest MC 3-9×40 scope requires no special treatment when it comes mounting. Standard 1’ rings are used with most firearms, allowing for simple installation. Once in place the scope becomes one with the firearm. You can rest assured it will withstand plenty of knocks and drops along the way.

Trouble Free Sighting In

Sighting and zeroing in your rifle is a straightforward process with the Conquest MC. Then once set up, it’s highly resilient to recoil and shock. You can expect the scope to stay true for many seasons with minimal tweaks. Allowance for wind and elevation are easily adjusted using the two control knobs.

Ultra Durable

Zeiss understands rifles and scopes can have a tough life in the field.  Knocks, drops and wet weather are commonplace. For this reason the Conquest MC uses a tough single body construction. Water and fog resistance are engineered in. It’s solid enough to withstand the recoil from .50 caliber rifles. Zeiss provides a lifetime warranty for the scope and optics, with one year for the lens covers.

Best-in-Class Performance

The Conquest series focuses on bringing rugged, high performance scopes to the rifle market.

In particular, the MC 3–9×40 performs all scopes of its class. Target shooters hail to its spectacular clarity and contrast. Hunters rely on its low light ability and high durability.

Author: Owen Davids

My name is Owen Davids. I am an avid birdwatcher, and love spending time in nature with my wife. I started this blog when I realized I could help others with the difficult task of picking the right binoculars.