Can you identify this mystery buck?

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Can you identify this that was recently posted on Field and Stream?

Perhaps if this guy had one of my picks for best hunting binoculars on hand, he would have been able to identify the buck.


Well asking for help solved the mystery of a great Kansas buck last week, so I’m back with my hands out once again. I know nothing about this deer other than it is one gorgeous whitetail. The only email heading I could track down was titled “LaPryor deer.” Is LaPryor the hunter’s name? A town or region? The name of a ranch? I’ll take a stab at this being a Texas buck, mainly because the body and neck on this buck aren’t particularly huge and Northern-looking. Also, the cape and hair are sleek and short, which means the buck was shot either a) early in the season or b) in a region where whitetails don’t need thick hair for fall/winter survival. So if anyone can get me more specific than this, I’d be grateful

Regardless of the buck’s origin, he is a monster; great beam length, tremendous tines (especially those G-2’s…WOW!), and very nice mass. Perhaps whoever steps forward with the buck’s (and hunter’s) identity could also provide a score?

La Pryor is a town in South Texas very near “The Golden Triangle” for trophy bucks. This buck will surely be entered very soon in some of the South Texas trophy contests such as “Muy Grande” and “Los Cazadores.”

“Know the guy that guided the hunter to the buck. Actually,the guy in the pic is the guide. He’s from here in Comfort. I think he told me that it scorded 193.



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