Big hame hunting with air rifles might be coming to NY soon

hunting and binoculars

I came across this very interesting article on Field and Stream earlier today. While this has not been approved yet, I find it fascinating to see the debate around the issue.hunting and binoculars

There are people who are opposing this game law, on the grounds that the air rifles might not have enough power to kill big game in a humane way. I, for one, believe that it might be very dangerous hunting big game with air rifles, as you do not want to run into an injured big game animal.

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In late December, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation announced that it is considering amending the state’s game laws to allow big-game hunting with air-powered rifles beginning with the 2016 season.

“The popularity of air-powered firearms is growing, largely because of technological advancements,” DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos told The Poughkeepsie Journal. “These modern firearms produce the force necessary to efficiently harvest big-game animals. In addition, because big-bore air rifles are not as loud as conventional rifles or shotguns, allowing their use may make hunting more acceptable in locations with higher human densities, including areas where deer are overabundant.”


Author: Owen Davids

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